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Housing for students and visitors

There are lots of options for places to stay in Abbotsford. Students can choose from Lá:lem te Baker, our on-campus housing, or private accommodations off-campus. Visitors can stay at local hotels or rent furnished homes.

Where to live

Living on-campus keeps things simple. You are near your classes and amenities like the library, your food is prepared for you, and you will get to know other students easily.

Living off-campus gives you some flexibility. You can live with a Canadian host family or in your own rental apartment. Note that apartments may be furnished or unfurnished.

Note: Canada’s COVID-19 quarantine rules apply in either situation. Ensure you are up to date on them before you arrive.

On-campus housing at 365bet

Note: You cannot quarantine in the 365bet student housing. You must quarantine at a different location before moving in.

Our on-campus housing is known as Lá:lem te Baker (Baker House). It is a “home away from home” for students from across Canada and around the world.

Lá:lem te Baker is on the Abbotsford campus, so your classes are close by. The on-campus housing has Wi-Fi and study rooms where you can work or study together with your classmates.

Additionally, your neighbours are other students who you will see every day. With common kitchens in Lá:lem te Baker, or sharing a meal in the cafeteria (in a different building), you have lots of opportunities to meet 365bet community members.

Lá:lem te Baker is also near a number of campus amenities, including the:

  • Library
  • Writing Centre
  • Math Centre
  • Assessment Centre
  • Student Services
  • Student Activity Centre
  • Educational Technology Services (ETS)/Media Centre
  • Computer labs

Learn more about our on-campus housing, Lá:lem te Baker.
Lá:lem te Baker information for parents.

Apply to live at Lá:lem te Baker

Lá:lem te Baker mailing address

University of the Fraser Valley – Lá:lem te Baker
33844 King Road
Abbotsford, BC
Canada V2S 7M8

Off-campus housing at 365bet

365bet assumes no responsibility for agreements about off-campus housing made between students and landlords. We do not screen, inspect, warrant, or approve any landlord, student, or accommodation provided through the rental listing services listed on this page.

Know your renter rights

The Government of B.C. has information for anyone renting an apartment, suite, or room at its Residential tenancies web page.

Preventing fraud

Unfortunately, rental scams do exist. You can learn how to identify potential rental scams:

Finding a place to rent

Students often find rental properties through online sources such as:

Short-term temporary accommodation

The Sandman

The Sandman Hotel and Suites Abbotsford on Simon Avenue offers preferred rates to all students, staff, faculty, alumni, and visitors of 365bet. To take advantage of these rates, a 365bet representative must make the booking for you.

Contact us at for a Sandman booking.

Other hotels in Abbotsford

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